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Of course, windows should also be decorated! Blinds, curtains, cozy corners, vertical plants and gardens, wallpaper, creative accessories. There are so many ways to dress, decorate and enhance your home windows and make them very special corners.

Today we bring together experts and their proposals for good window decoration practices. From the simplest to the most daring… there are interpretations for all tastes and styles.

About Remodeling

If you are thinking about remodeling or giving new life to your windows, take a look at our suggestions and find out how to take advantage of these areas with a view.

This corner was clearly decorated according to the window. The use of double curtains and the divan provide moments of relaxation and privacy, while enjoying the daylight.

Window comfort

Fewer hours (and fewer days) of sunshine in winter means that we should make the most of them. This corner is a real privilege, a cozy place full of light. For this reason, the choice of pastel tones proves to be very appropriate, as well as curtains providing an option of privacy. A picture of softness, a place in the sun indoors.

Another intervention that includes a sofa with an exterior view, in an interpretation of a more eclectic style, but no less elegant. The couch is treated here as a small bed of tranquility. The color palette and the accessories that complement the scenery make us travel to distant territories. A beautiful setting to forget the world outside.

In this kitchen, the window was not left to chance; rather, made the most of it. It is she, adorned with comfort, that defines the space of the dining table. An area that does not waste an inch of the area of ​​this division, and the light that comes in through the window.

Country composition

This picture of romantic bucolism sits beautifully on this window. The main highlight of this composition goes to the curtains, which go beyond the limits of the window, framing it in an even more magnificent way and giving the space comfort and cosiness. An atmosphere that matches a country house.

The cloth opens

This theatrical setting involves this window designed by Nina Campbell. The combination of the floral pattern of the wallpaper with the print of the curtains and the window results in a composition worthy of a painting..

Original FeaturesEncaustic Cement Tiles

Originality comes from very simple ideas and it beautifully decorates this kitchen window.

The gardens vertical are always right next to a window. They bring a little bit of nature into the house and offer color and liveliness.

Urban things

The parapet also serves as a shelf and is a space where you can express yourself, taking advantage of the brightness. The decoration is in the smallest details, we already know. Those we see lined up on this parapet are very personal and give this window that very thing: personality.


The pattern is important, as are the fluidity, transparency, textures. Your curtains combined with your window can result in an interesting play of light – explore that.

Remodeling Tips

Stained glass at home

These windows decorated by Vitromar offer a more artistic vision of how to intervene in a window. Games of light, color and movement that communicate with the outside and the inside. A bolder alternative.

Inside Out

The beauty of a house is completed in its exterior expression, so we cannot resist presenting these windows overlooking the Venetian canals. The color contrasts and the matching plants adorn them.