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Often considered as unsightly, gutters are not the first reclaimed product that we think of when we want to create decorative objects. However, offcuts from gutters and downpipes can be recycled into a variety of objects of all kinds and get a little out of the ordinary with a few tips .


1. The garden gutter

Undoubtedly the most popular of all, the transformation of a gutter into a planter is seen more and more often in individuals. Easy to implement, it is an original and practical solution to re-use your gutter scraps.

Do not throw away your old gutters, cultivate plants there!

Here are the steps to transform your gutter into a planter:

  • Cut out the desired length of gutter using a hacksaw. You can make one long enough or several small depending on your taste and the layout of the place where you will put your planter (s).
  • Drill a few holes at the bottom of the gutter to prevent water from stagnating (approximately every 50 cm).
  • Close the edges of your gutter by gluing funds to them.
  • Paint your gutter if you wish with a paint suitable for the material (zinc, PVC, aluminum, etc.).
  • Place potting soil or soil from your garden in your planter and plant your plants there (thyme, tomatoes, parsley, flowers, etc.).
  • Remember to stabilize your garden gutters whose base is rounded with wedges.
  • The gutters recycled into planters are ideal for planting strawberries, salads, geraniums …

The hanging garden gutter

Variant of the garden gutter , you can suspend your realization and obtain a more aerial result. For this 2nd solution, you need to go through the steps of the gutter planter. Then, you will have to find a place capable of hosting your achievement.

Finally, it will be necessary to fix hooks that will support the planters. Drill holes on the profile of your gutter that will accommodate your hooks. A fixing at each end of your planter is enough to maintain the balance of your installation .

For the indoor planter, we simply repeat the same process. We will take here gutters rather in metal than in PVC, to give a more decorative and modern aspect  to your realization. You can attach the planter directly to its support using gutter hooks .

Ideal in the kitchen, from metal gutters, this small garden can contain your herbarium.

2.The descent flower pot

Like gutters,  downpipes  can be personalized and transformed into decorative elements.

Original decoration idea: you can brighten up your descents by attaching flower pots to them. For fixing, you can DIY a clip yourself or buy one in DIY-gardening stores with a clip system.

 3.The musical gutter

If you are a fan of music and architecture, we may have a solution to bring together your two passions: the musical gutter .

It was in Germany, near Dresden, that an architect had the idea of ​​slightly innovating the traditional system of rainwater evacuation  : bugles, tubas or even trumpets display the facade of this surprising house.

In addition to the gutters-orchestra look, it even seems that when the weather turns bad it produces music … A funny idea that brightens up rainy days!

 4.Rain chains

Originating in Japan, rain chains have adorned Nipon temples for hundreds of years.

In France, we see it from time to time on houses or garden sheds replacing a down tube. They are chosen for aesthetic reasons or in regions where the rainwater flow is quite low. People also opt for rain chains to keep that zen aspect that comes from their Japanese origins.

5.Descent arrangement

In addition to diverting gutters into decorative or useful objects, we can also make the gutters and downpipes that run along our homes more aesthetic or original.

Making stormwater runoff innovative is no small feat. Some do not restrain their imagination and find very creative concepts.