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Do you live in a rented house and your kitchen doesn’t convince you? Has an old look and doesn’t know how to renew it without upsetting the landlord? You cannot do a remodel, because the house is not yours, but nevertheless you urgently need to add a touch of color, add any furniture you have, change the floor without having to lift it . in short, give a new look to the cooks without spending a lot and without getting into big jobs. If you feel like knowing more, at Habitissimo today we bring you 8 easy and low cost ideas for remodeling your kitchen. The change is incredible!

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1. Furniture with color

Remodeling your rental kitchen without getting down to business doesn’t have to be complicated. If the kitchen furniture is very old and you don’t have the budget to modify it, and if the landlord won’t do it, don’t despair. Get a brush and paint and get to work because you can convert your kitchen without style into an original and very beautiful kitchen. Choose different colors and paint each chair a different color and do not care if the chairs have a different style, as it still makes everything more charming. The result is spectacular!

2. A slate wall

Changing the wall of a kitchen can be crucial for our senses and this may be the insignificant detail that will change your perception of the kitchen completely. There are slate-effect vinyl papers that are very economical and easy to install. In addition you will not have to do any type of remodeling because you can place it over the existing wall. What do you think of the result? 

3. In white and black

Sometimes we are lucky to be in rented houses that are not fully furnished and in which the landlord gives us room to maneuver to decorate it our way, even if the budget is not very large. In these cases, an idea that can work very well is to play with colors. In this case, it was decided to furnish the kitchen in white and light brown and play with the black of the countertop, appliances and the like. A very simple and economical way to give your kitchen a new look, without influencing the price too much and giving the kitchen a very distinctive touch. 

4. What an invention of wallpaper

We are not tired of defending the use of wallpaper because it is simply great. Economic, super original and easy to install. The best is the result you get in any space. In the kitchen, you can play with the walls depending on the type of kitchen: placing wallpaper on a single wall, or just in a corner, since the paper helps not only decorate but also delimit spaces or environments.

5. Light up to your liking

A simple lamp that hangs from the ceiling can be the renovating element that your kitchen needs so much. It is very simple and you only have to choose where the light points are and what you want to illuminate: on the sink, bench or work area. This option does not require a sophisticated electrical installation, although an electrician can help you to remove the cable, to hang it at the points of your choice and the one that is aesthetically perfect. The result: a much more intimate and delicate kitchen.

6. Vinyl floor

The first thing that caught your attention in the kitchen of your apartment was the floor. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Of course, the landlord told him that even playing would not change him anytime soon. However, what if we tell you that you can achieve the same effect as wood and that it looks so good in kitchens and completely changes them? You just have to put a vinyl floor that imitates wood. It is very simple to install, economical and of course, does not require any remodeling. When you get tired of the floor or leave that house, you can take it without problems!

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7. Decorate with plants

Something as simple as plants can add a lot more naturalness and beauty to a kitchen. Small, large plants, in colored, glass, aluminum pots … any option is a good choice. Choose an indoor plant that can withstand temperatures and can be in a kitchen. For example, the boa is perfect for decorating a corner with light, as well as mint and cactus. Choose the one that has the most to do with you and enjoy a little bit of nature in your kitchen. 

8. Add shelves to the wall

Adding shelves is a simple thing, but the change you make in a kitchen is only seen when you hang them on the wall. This solution not only makes the kitchen look more harmonious, it also allows you to store some utensils that do not fit in drawers. It is important not to fill the shelves and place more beautiful dishes, vases or containers where they make them look even more beautiful.