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There are many ways to decorate a door , and most, as we are going to see right now, are relatively simple and inexpensive.

The radical change in the decoration of a door will also transform the room where said door is located, since the decorative power of a door can be immense.

So, if you want to give a new look to your decoration and change the look of your doors , join me to see these photos and interior door decoration ideas . You will see how you find inspiration.

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Paint is the most effective and economical decorative resource that we have at our disposal to change the appearance of any surface; of course, also a door. How are you that we see below.

Like the one above, but using other colors. It is a very effective resource, right?

Door decoration with paint

Photo Penelope’s pad

In lime green or pistachio green , a very cheerful color that will give a radical change to the room.

In pale pink, now that this color is so fashionable and combined with white it looks greatTwo colors divided by a diagonal line, this time in yellow and white.

Matching the blue wall plinth. Here you can see more ideas to paint a baseboard on the wall in other colors in case you are interested in this idea to decorate your doors.In black, an elegant and sophisticated patina is always added to any object that is painted black.

Medium gray, which is a color that always combines with any other room as it is neutral..Dark gray, with more presence than the light gray tones, creating a strong contrast with the walls in light tones.Standard pink, a beautiful color that will add decoration when painting the doors with it.

In black creating an interesting and elegant pattern in white, to give the door an elegant touch.Paint a frame around the perimeter of the trim and door drawing in neon pink. Bold, simple and with a lot of impact.

Grayish green, a perfect color to paint and decorate any element. A door too, of course.Paint the edge of the doors nothing more. A good injection of very original color.You can also make any decorative pattern with paint, like this one we see on the door decorated above in silver and white.

In this case it is the same pattern, but in the opposite direction, and painted in a nice turquoise.Paint it fluorine pink. A beautiful powerful watermelon pink that revitalizes the entire room. You dare?

If you want to see more colors, here you can see 10 perfect colors to paint interior doors .Let’s keep going.


If the paint itself is versatile, the blackboard paint is to curl the curl, since it also allows us to write on the door itself.

And if that weren’t enough, chalkboard paint is available in various colors, although the most abundant is black. Here are some examples of interior door decoration with chalkboard paint.

A shower of hearts, which you can change whenever you want, since with a damp cloth the chalk disappears.

Or any message you want to leave on the door. With chalk anything goes and anything can be done.

Decorating interior doors with chalkboard paintYou can also paint the center of the door, if it has a drawing, leaving the rest blank.

As I said before, blackboard paint or the famous chalk paint is available in a wide variety of colors, such as the beautiful powerful pink that we see above these lines with which this door has been painted.


We put the painting aside, and we are going to see how to decorate an interior door with wallpaper, as it is also a very useful resource for this purpose.

Have you had any scraps of wallpaper left over? You can take advantage of it to wallpaper a door. The result can be spectacular.


In addition to painting, vinyls, murals and chalkboard paint, there are many other resources that we can use to decorate doors, such as thumbtacks , among many other things.Not only is this door painted mint green , but a ceiling rose has been used to frame the gold knobs. A marvel.

Likewise, this other door has been decorated with washi tape but with a different pattern in the form of diagonal lines creating black triangles on the white door.


Vinyl and murals are another very valuable resource in decoration, since for a small price we can transform any surface on which we install them.Here are some examples. Naturally, in any vinyl store you can find a hundred more models, but these that we are going to see may make you look with different eyes at the vinyl and murals to decorate the doors.



Painting a door is really easy.First we remove the door from the hinges to be able to paint it comfortably. If this is not possible, nothing happens, we can paint the door as it is.

Now we sand the door to open the pore to the varnish or paint.

Then we clean the door with a damp cloth to remove the dirt and dust from sanding.

Now it’s time to paint it. We need enamel, water or solvent; Zero-pore or thread roller, to leave no trace and a small brush or paintbrush.

First we make the edges and other surfaces where the small roller does not reach with the brush. Then we pass the roller perfectly spreading the paint and let it dry.If they are clear, we give you another hand. And so on until the paint has covered the door.Once well dry to the touch, about 48 hours, we can put the door back on the hinges and enjoy our new door.